About Us

As parents, we watched how wearing a mask affected our kids and their ability to communicate with limited facial expressions. Working to find a solution to this, our team of creative minds came up with a mask that would allow kids to express themselves through doodling. 

Our own kids immediately loved it, and we saw their attitude toward wearing a mask quickly transform as they were proud to show off what they created with everyone around them. The moment their eyes lit up while wearing the mask was the moment The Doodle Mask™ was born.

Throughout the production process, it was important to us that the masks were breathable, adjustable, and comfortable. From waltzing dinosaurs and princess castles to swirling planets and jungle creatures, each unique pattern was designed with all kids in mind. For limitless creations and ways to express themselves, kids can also enjoy the Blank Mask.

Give your kids a chance to share their big dreams and creative ideas, while staying safe, stylish and soulful with The Doodle Mask™! Available at select retailers.

 Kids Wearing Masks